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You’ve designed an awesome blog with Google’s Blogger platform, and now you can start making money by adding a free and easy-to-use Blogger shopping cart with Ecwid. And growing your business with Ecwid’s Blogger shop doesn’t require you to be a code wizard or e-commerce guru. With a few simple steps you can smoothly integrate Blogger e-commerce capability into your blog and begin selling your products immediately.


When you sign up for a free account with for your addproductstocart shopping cart you will benefit from a comprehensive e-commerce experience, which includes advanced features for your business that you won’t find with other online stores. Your free Blogger store can also be synchronized with your other websites and other social media accounts, and then easily managed from a single control panel. When you set up a Blogger e-commerce store with Ecwid, you won’t be required to pay any set-up fees or transaction costs.


Ecwid’s Blogger shop is a thoroughly comprehensive and hassle-free solution for your business, we handle all of the nitty gritty for you. Our Blogger shopping cart brings you a huge and ever-growing list of features including flexible payment and shipping solutions, customizable design layout, advanced customer interaction options and a super fast AJAX interface.


Your free Blogger e-commerce store can also be synchronized with other websites and social media accounts you might use, all of which are then easily managed from a single control panel.

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